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Get the perfect starter kit for your personal climbing wall, hangboard or training panel

Glorious holds are made of high quality polyurethane. They are durable for use in climbing gyms, and economical for use on your home wall. Looking to order over $100 in holds? Made and sold in Vancouver BC.

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Holdsets and combos

Master combo

Bolt on - 15 Units - 1.2kg

The master combo compiles the most common and versatile climbing shapes in a single set. Use them in vertical, slabs or overhanging walls. Ideal for training, kids walls, strength training, endurance training and creative route setting. Multiple colors and a soft, cripy dry texture make this set the best seller and your favorite finger strengthtening and fitness device.


Bolt on - 8 Units - 1kg

The newest addition to the Glorious hols family. Designed for training and creative route setting, with applictations in personal walls, climbing gyms, kids walls and parks.  Perfect for training, route setting, circuit training, parkour, ninja warrior training and deadhanging.


Screw on - 6 Units - 0.3kg

Small, versatile edges and screw on crimps that will make your fingers stronger. Use them to create tension-based routes and climbing drills.

Assorted combos - Save up up to 30% when you buy more than 50 holds.

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Get an assorted combo for your climbing wall project, just give us a budget and we'll prepare the most affordable and varied set for your wall. 
30 holds combo - assorted $180
50 holds combo - assorted $280
100 holds combo - assorted $500

All assorted combos are final sale. Returns only valid for damaged holds within 10 days of receipt.

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Material Made with high density, light weight, slow cure urethane 
Colors Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Grey, Blue
Applications Home climbing walls, training boards, climbing gyms, kids walls, Ninja warrior courses, Parkour gyms
Texture Medium and small grain, crispy and dry touch
Made in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Durable material 

Climbing holds made to last a lifetime of climbing, with proper care and cleaning, these holds can last over 20 years.


The times of heavy climbing holds are gone, the newest urethane technology allows for surprisingly lightweight holds and higher durability.

Ergonomic shapes

Injury-risk-free climbing holds to use on any angle. Get strong training and enjoy the process.

Beautiful looking

Polished and organic looking holds will make your climbing wall look like a piece of art. 

Dead-simple Installation

GloriousHolds are easy to install, all you need is a hole in the wall, t-nuts and socket eye (3/8') bolts.

1. Grab a t-nut

2. Install t-nut in a hole

3. Grab a bolt and a hold

4. Grab an alan key (3/8)

5. Screw the hold in

6. Tigh it up

GloriousHolds have multiple applications beyond climbing and training

Glorious holds are versatile and applicable in multiple surfaces and climbing wall types. They can be installed quickly and solidly, used indoor or outdoor and requiring minimum maintenance... Climbing holds are not just made for climbing gyms, but also for parkour gyms, ninja warrior training courses, schools, home walls and parks.

Climbing gyms

Climbing gyms are the natural habitat of climbing holds, adding new sets and routes is what keeps climbers interested.

Spray walls

Spray walls are overhanging climbing surfaces with a high density hold population, allowing unlimited circuit training and boulder setting.

Home walls

Home walls and garage walls are getting increasingly popular. In reality that's all you need for a solid training. Glorious Holds are the perfect addition to any home wall.

Training panels

Training panels or system walls are configured symmetrically to train the body left and right.

Ninja warrior courses

The hype for ninja warrior is all over the world now, this raising sport also requires training on holds, grips and artificial handles.


Modular hangboards are one of the most effective and economical training devices. Those are simple boards with holes that allow multiple hold configurations.

Kid's walls

Kids love climbing and will love Glorious Holds as they come with a soft crispy texture and candy-like colors.

Concrete walls

Some climbers use holds in concrete walls and that's totally fine, they can be placed permanently and last for years and decades.

"In terms of quality and value you won't find anything better out there. The shapes are perfect for a mix of difficulties on my 40 degree wall."

"If only I could lick them!!"

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Manufacturers, climbers and designers, we want your climbing to reach new heights by giving you the best training toolkit: Glorious holds.

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